Is it better “to be safe than sorry?”

For over a week, I’ve been obsessed with the Aha song, “Take on Me“… But not the 1985 version… I’m referring to the MTV live version (, where it’s slow and meaningful, instead of  just a “Poppy” hit. 

I have been particularly drawn to the line, “Say after me,
It’s NO better to be safe than sorry…”

All my life I have thought the exact opposite was true in many things… “It’s better TO BE safe than sorry. ”

I have always had a backup plan, or a way to protect myself by favoring the “safer” route in certain things. Heck, that’s what us adults do, right?

serious-moment-1435884Did you take the job that pays the bills, even if you hate it… Do you keep your mouth shut and not make waves, even though it doesn’t feel right… Do you stay in a comfortable relationship, even if he or she really doesn’t have feelings for you… Do you play things safe, even though you’re not getting what you want?

But maybe I have been thinking about it all wrong!

Why do we settle on the safe side?

Does that go for everything, or just certain things? Certainly, life is not 100% black and white. 

Sometimes, we are NOT settling… we think things through… like “Is this job offer the right move”, or “Is moving to another state for a boyfriend really smart…?”

We choose to do what is safe to us in that moment.

But is being safe always better than being sorry?

Maybe yes, maybe no…

What I’m thinking though, is… YES, TAKE THE FRICKIN’ CHANCE!

If you’re not happy with something, try something different. If you’ve tried everything and it’s still not working, maybe it’s time to get out of your comfort zone and take a chance.

You have one life to live…

What should you NOT settle on?!




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