MikeA bit about my journey…

I am a single father and a few years ago my son went away to college. I became an “empty nester” and to be honest, I began feeling like there was a hole in my life. One of my largest roles in life, being a father to my son, transitioned (but seemed to suddenly end in my mind) and I felt I no longer had that role, even though realistically I will always play the father role to him. I truly felt something was missing and I went through a really mentally “down time.” This may sound extreme, but I actually felt like I lost my purpose in life…or at least one of my largest purposes in life.

I was at a loss of what to do and tried searching anywhere and everywhere I could to make the feeling go away. My life-coach at the time helped me work through some of the struggles, but I needed to find some way to feel useful again.

I read and listened to hundreds of self-improvement books (you’d think I would be perfect by now with the number of them!), looked online and couldn’t find anything specific that would help me. I just didn’t even know where to begin. Well, as a result of not being able to find any one program, I made up some activities, as well as improved on others’, to create a full process for making changes in life. Shortly, the book will be finished and I can help you make time to make your changes!

In the case with my son, the activities helped me get answers. I found out that what I needed was a social outlet and possibly serve others in some way, but not necessarily volunteer at a homeless shelter or the like. I had also been a bit in debt with credit cards. I felt I needed something to fill up my extra time on weekends too. Once I took myself through these activities, the results led me to working a part time job on weekends in addition to my full time day job.

Having my needs in the back of my mind, one day I happened to be shopping at a local outdoor mall. I walked by a Binny’s liquor store and saw a sign saying “Help Wanted for the Holidays.” Coincidentally, a year or so before this, I took a course to become a Certified Bartender. So, I went in, filled out an application and two weeks later I was hired!

Here I was able to fill the gap in myself by being a cashier and assisting shoppers, where I had three minute conversations with at least 200 different people a weekend. I got my social needs met, was able to help others (in a really loose way!), filled my time and made a little extra cash to help pay off my debt, while also keeping me out of trouble on the weekends.

As a result of the activity process, I also identified some other new interests and goals I wanted to pursue. One of them being writing this book…BONUS!

Since then, I go through the following activities routinely (once a year minimum) to figure out goals or merely find out new interests or what I want to do or change in my life. The activities have helped every time. So, let’s try and figure out your situation and see what dreams we can help you realize.

Remember…knowledge without action will not get you very far. Do do the work – it is minimal in the big scheme of things.

I hope this site and any products attached help you make positive, lasting change. By using the information and systems supplied, the author and countless others have been able to live the lives they have chosen.