Who I am . . .

Mike Holik is a coffee-loving graphic designer, writer & self-improvement aficionado, who helps bored and stuck people discover desired changes in their lives.

With easy-to-use worksheets and instructions, he can help you build the superstar life you’ve only dreamed of.
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Fun facts:

  • I own a 2007 Harley Sportster.
  • I am a graphic designer by trade, and love writing and helping motivate others.
  • I didn’t know how to spell my middle name until I was 51 years old. (It’s Allan!)

What is this site about and why do I want to help you?

I am a single father and a few years ago my son went away to college. I became an “empty nester” and to be honest, I began feeling like there was a hole in my life and I went through a really mentally “down time.” This may sound extreme, but I actually felt like I lost my purpose in life . . . or at least one of my largest purposes in life.

I was at a loss of what to do and tried searching anywhere and everywhere I could to make the feeling go away. I talked with my life-coach, read and listened to hundreds of self-improvement books (you’d think I would be perfect by now with the number of them!) and looked online for some direction. I just didn’t even know where to begin.

As a result of being unable to find any one program, I reasearched, made up some activities, as well as improved on others’, to create a full process for making changes in life. Shortly, my book will be finished and I can help you make time to make your changes!

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In the case with my son, the activities gave me answers. I found exactly what I needed in my life – some specific changes I could make.

In the process, I also identified some other new interests and goals I wanted to pursue. One of them is writing this book . . . BONUS!

Since then, I go through the following activities routinely (once a year minimum) to figure out goals or merely find out new interests or what I want to do or change in my life. The activities have helped every time. So, let’s try and figure out your situation and see what dreams we can help you realize.

The reason I created this site and am writing the book to help you improve your life by finding a change is that I know where you’re at right now. I’ve also felt the frustration, helplessness and boredom in my life. In developing change-finding activities, I hope to lead you through a quick process in getting you the feelings of happiness and satisfaction along with the life you deserve!

I hope this site and any products attached help you make positive, lasting change. By using the information and systems supplied, myself and countless others have been able to live the lives they have chosen.

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