Today, one of my life’s dreams is realized!


Mike geeking-out over the Author Proof

I’m blesssed to have awesome people in my life (yeah, all of you!!!) who have made me stretch myself, given me inspiration, and have been the models of leadership and teamwork . . .  My friends and family, who have written songs, become Executive Coaches, moved on to be Directors, as well as have raised me to be confident, flexible and never give up.


Now, it is MY turn to give back!

After many years of writing, changing, testing,  re-writing, re-testing and re-writing again (you have no idea how many times I have changed this entire book around!), Make Time to Change is coming to fruition! Woohooooo!

After providing inspiration, motivation and good stories to all of my followers for many years on my other blog,, as well as here, the book I have been trying to finish is FINALLY available!

I feel I have made a difference within the companies I’ve worked for, people’s lives who I have touched, and strangers I may talk to even at the grocery store (after all, nobody wants to squeeze the cantaloupes all by themselves!).

Now, with this book, I am hoping to help even more people . . .

Many want to make some positive changes or are searching for their purpose in life. Maybe they are bored, stuck or can’t find their way. They may also not know where to begin or feel they are too busy to make a change in their life.

This new book walks you through several quick and simple activities to help identify what changes can be made in jobs, relationships, health, spirituality, bad habits…

We also uncover where you may be able to uncover time for making changes, as well as guidance on how to succeed and overcome any challenges that may arise in the process.

It’s a real game-changer!

If you or any of your friends or family could use a positive life change and may need some help figuring out what it is, share this post and/or the link with them.

Within the first 38 pages of the book, using the worksheets and instructions I provide, you can easily figure out a possible life purpose or change you can make to be the Superstar you’ve always wanted to be!


The remainder of the book walks you through how to set up your exact goal/change, break it down to milestones and then specific actions you can take. It also addresses the challenges you may (and probably will!) come across, such as “I don’t have time to make a change!”, “It’s too hard!”, “I’m scared of change!” and “I have no motivation or energy!”

Stop making excuses and finally Make Time to Change!

Check the book out HERE.


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