Well worth the wait – it’s almost here . . . the “Make Time To Change” book

Make Time to Change book

YayLevelMetHello, my friends . . . I have good news for you . . . it’s almost here! The book I have been working on for a couple years now.

I first needed to research, write, test, rewrite, edit and make sure the book was ready for prime time!

Writing a book is a difficult business. You have to find the time, have patience to cut and move information around, seek feedback and then make good on that feedback . . . all while to keep your motivation up.

Fun FixesWell, I have done all that and gotten some really good praise as well as some constructive feedback. Writing sounds all glamorous and everything, but after selling only 12 copies of my first book, “FunFixes – Lasting Weight Loss Through Easy Exercise and Healthy Eating,” on Amazon Kindle [Shameless plug, cover has been updated for extra happiness], it’s a rough business in the market these days!

I was hoping more friends/followers at FunFitTeam.com and on this site would buy it for just a few bucks . . . but I guess I will have to keep the secrets to losing weight and sustained healthy eating all to myself!

So, what is the new book called? What is it about? When can I get my sweaty paws on a copy of it?!

Slow down there, partner! I’m getting to that right now.

Here’s the beef . . . The book’s name is . . .

“Make Time to Change – Your guide to figuring out a new change, passion or life’s purpose.”

Make Time To Change BookMy aim with this book is to supply the very best tools, information, and support materials to walk you, step-by-step, through activities to help you figure out a new change, passion or your life’s purpose . . . even if you presently have no idea at all where to begin.

Once you find your change, the book will help you set a goal, make a plan and guide you through breaking it into smaller, more manageable actions.

If you feel overly busy, this book can also help you find lost time by going through some simple additional activities.

Finally, the book will help you push through possible challenges you may run into while making your change.

Here’s the schizzle . . . in talking with so many friends, strangers and seeing things online,  I found that so many people are actually unhappy in their lives! Yep, can you believe that?!

You may be  bored, stuck, or frustrated with something in your life. You may feel like you are different than everyone else and that everyone around you seems happy, fulfilled and is making more money, while you feel a bit lost.

Well, I’m here to help take some pressure off of everyone and get rid of some of the barriers in your way that are keeping you from a better life.

We ALL have our baggage, insecurities, pressures, and issues that we carry around with us . . . you just don’t see those things promoted on Facebook and Instagram (Obs!). So, stop being so hard on yourself!

None of us has the perfect life. You are actually in the majority, not the minority, if you are feeling unfulfilled in some aspect of yours.

Does any of that sound familiar?

Just imagine making a change that let’s you…

CongratsYouRock“Walk into a business meeting and instantly command the attention and respect of everyone in the room.”

Marry a beautiful partner who is always there, supporting you and making you feel like you are the main thing in their life.

Be able to afford a big house you feel safe in and love to relax in every night.

Well, my friends, I want you to have the life you’ve always dreamed about.

Are you ready to make it happen?

Here’s the first step . . . simply subscribe to this site to receive exclusive material and advice you won’t find anywhere else.

What, that’s it?!


You know why? ‘Cuz when I release Make Time To Change, you will be the first to know and can get it at a great discount.

SupermanIn all honesty, all I really want to do is help you figure out a positive life change you can make that could finally make you happy . . . that is my main goal. After all, haven’t I always given you ways to try and lead a more positive life here and at FunFitTeam.com?

What can it hurt?! Subscribe to this site and learn how to figure out a new interest and possibly even your life purpose. You deserve it!


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